NEW IN 2020! The Freedom Fighter Tactical True Mil-Spec Replacement Rail for Benelli M4 Shotgun

$ 99.99

Status as of JANUARY 2020:  We expect to start delivering our new FFT Milspec Top Rails in Summer 2020.  These have not been available for five or six years and we are pleased to have them again soon.

Any order for the top rail is a prepaid backorder and by placing the order you understand that the rail will not ship until they are in stock.  Your order reserves a rail for you out of the limited run that we are currently working on.

Any order for the top rail that includes other parts will hold until the rail is ready to ship.  We do not split orders and ship what we have now and the rail later - if you'd like other things to ship now, please order those items in a separate order from the rail.

Of course, if the wait becomes too long and you'd like to cancel your preorder for a full refund, you can do that anytime.  Simply send us an email or call and we'll make that happen.

Freedom Fighter Tactical is pleased to offer its Mil-Spec version of a top rail for the Benelli M4 tactical shotgun. FFT offers the Mil-Spec Benelli M4 replacement rail because the OEM does not properly accommodate many popular Mil-Spec mounts and devices. Adhering to industry standards, this rail is true to Mil-Spec in every aspect. Completely dehorned, the FFT rail comes complete with five FFT commissioned replacement screws and five replacement washers.

Made in U.S.A.

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