Meprolight Ghost Ring Tritium Inserts for Benelli M4 Shotgun

$ 129.99


Get a clear bead on the target, regardless of light conditions.

MEPROLIGHT¬ Tritium night sight made specifically for Benelli M1S90 and M4S90 Shotguns with the ghost ring or Nova ghost ring rear aiming device. The ghost ring allows the shooter to focus on the front sight and target, while the thin rear ring blurs into a "ghost" image. The addition of small tritium sights at each side of the ring make it easier to acquire the front sight target image faster, regardless of light conditions.

Meprolight Tritium night sights are considered the brightest self-illuminated sight available today, appearing up to 20% brighter than other brands. And because the MEPROLIGHT front dot is purposely brighter than the rear sights, your focus is naturally drawn to the front sight and beyond„just where it belongs. With sights installed, low light conditions are no longer a limitation on your weapon. If you can see your target, you can set it squarely in your sights.


Their revolutionary, combat proven, tritium self-illuminated night sights enable you to hit stationary or moving targets under low-light conditions with dramatically increased hit probability. Test results by marksmen and journeymen level shooters using tritium self-illuminated MEPROLIGHT sights have shown an increase of over 85% in hit efficiency, compared to conventional sights. And because tritium night sights add no weight to the weapon system, they require no adjustment by the shooter„except perhaps, to a higher level of success.

Tritium Light Sources:

Add no weight

Occupy no additional space

Function in all weather and temperature conditions

Withstand prolonged immersion in commonly used solvents and cleaning compounds

Simply remove the old sightƒand replace. Designed as direct replacement parts for the standard weapon sights, MEPROLIGHT illuminated night sights can be mounted easily, with no weapon modifications.

As tough as the gun its mounted on. A unique MV gluing/sealing system holds the light sources securely in their metal sight housing, ensuring impact and shock resistance to withstand the rigors of extensive firing and field handling. MEPROLIGHT sights are completely sealed by a patented bonding process sealed against common hazards like water, dust, and oil; and designed to withstand prolonged immersion in commonly used gun cleaning solvents.

The record speaks for itself.

Originally developed to meet the requirements of the Israel Defense Forces, over three million sets of illuminated sights MEPROLIGHT sights are now in use by military forces on six continents. Whats more, the world's finest firearm manufacturing companies including Kimber, Glock, Benelli, Kahr, Mossberg, H&K, and Remington depend on Meprolight as their source for factory installed night sights.

Quality, first and foremost.

Superior production methods and rigid quality control continue to make MEPROLIGHT first choice among defense decision makers. All processes at MEPROLIGHT are performed, controlled, and monitored to demanding levels, including a full quality program certified to ISO-9002 and complying with NATO AQAP-4 and the US Military Specification MIL-I-45208A.

Backed by full support.

MEPROLIGHT Tritium Rifle and Shotgun Sights are backed by the manufacturers 5-year usable illumination warranty to the original purchaser„one of the strongest warranties in the business. Plus MEPROLIGHT stands ready to support you with their modern design, production, and test facilitiesƒand the most experienced technical staff in the industry. When quality counts, youre on target with MEPROLIGHT.

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