Freedom Fighter Tactical

M1 / M2 - FFT Titanium 2-Piece Finished Magazine Tube Set - 1x 922(r)

$ 315
  • Magazine spring and followers sold separately.
  • The FFT / Wolff M1 / M2 / M3 full-length high power magazine spring is highly recommended for best results cycling loads.
  • This part is an 'Air Force gray' and is NOT truly black.  We do not manufacture any true black Titanium parts as you cannot get a good black look with the premium coating we apply to Titanium.

We have finally added a Titanium magazine tube for Benelli M1 and M2 shotguns to our lineup. Finally the Benelli enthusiast who enjoys the M1 or M2 can add a sophisticated Titanium magazine setup to their gun, offering strength and durability, combined with reduced weight and corrosion resistance, all while achieving 922(r) compliance.

To be clear, this is not just the 3-round extension commonly offered in the marketplace today, even though it includes the 3-round extension as part of the two-piece kit. This kit includes a 4-round magazine tube replacement in Titanium that replaces the four round aluminum magazine tube that comes equipped on the gun from the factory, as well as a 3-round extension to replace the 1-round extension that comes equipped on the gun from the factory. Also included is the magazine tube plug, also in Titanium, as well as a replacement "forend bushing", made with high-quality glass-filled nylon to replace the OEM forend bushing that gets marred when the operator removes the original magazine tube that comes on the gun. 

The part of this kit that counts towards 922(r) compliance is the 4-round tube that extends from the receiver to the OEM magazine tube extension cap. This part is stamped 'Made in USA', and counts as one piece towards compliance. The ATF has stated on numerous occasions that the Benelli M1 and M2 shotguns need 2 American made parts to be added off the specific list to gain compliance, so couple this with either the M1/M2 FFT follower or the M1 or M2 FFT forend, and compliance is achieved.

This set is sold in a finished version, which is like an 'Air Force grey,' to match the firearm.

Freedom Fighter Tactical: 922(r) Compliance with the Benelli M1 and M2 Tactical Shotguns 

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