Status of Sold Out Parts at Freedom Fighter Tactical - Updated 11.30.22

Here you will find the latest status for many of the popular parts offered at Freedom Fighter Tactical, but are at this time sold out.  If you were sent here after a 'status update' inquiry, please bookmark or otherwise save this page and refer to it for the latest information as you wait.  Calls to the number on the website or emails will result in being sent here, as I work hard to keep this updated so you have a place to get this information anytime you'd like.

Please understand:  Our estimates on when certain parts will be available are simply that - estimates.  Speculations.  As such, our timeframes can change.  They might shorten, but they might go longer.  Consider this before putting in a preorder at FFT.  Our estimated timeframes are not guarantees or promises.

THIS PAGE LAST UPDATED ON:  November 30, 2022


Steel Black 7 Round Magazine Tubes:  11.27.22 - in stock but very limited quantities.

NP3 2 Round Black and NP3 Extension Tubes:  Unfortunately, at this time, no definite ETA.  Once these are off the machines, it is a 2 month turnaround, just for coating for the NP3.  The black will be much faster at coating.  As of 11.30.22, these tubes are not off the machines.

NP3 7 Round Mag Tube:  In stock 11.5.22, but very limited quantities.

70085 - Benelli Collapsible / Skeletonized Stock:  In stock.  Sales only to active LEO / MIL and proof must be provided.  Those of you who are not active LEO / MIL most likely know someone who is, and many gun stores who order on behalf of clients have an active LEO / MIL in their store or immediate network.

Oversized Bolt Release Button (NP3 and Black):  NP3 is in stock as of 11.27.22, but is almost sold out.  Black is sold out.  NO ETA ON BLACK AT THIS TIME.  Preorders allowed.  Email through contact page to inquire on preorder.

The FFT True Milspec Top Rail:  Preorder allowed.  No ETA at this time.  These are being worked on right now.  Hopefully late 2022 or early 2023.

The FFT 3/4'' Steel Black Charging Handle:  In stock as of 11.8.22.

The FFT 3/4'' Steel NP3 Charging Handle:  In stock as of 10.30.22

The FFT 3/4'' Titanium Charging Handle for Black Shotguns:  Preorders allowed.  Long wait - might be as far as late Winter 2022 or even 2023.  We're working on them - it's a long process made longer by everything in the world being harder these days.  As of 10.30.22, we are working hard to finish the Titanium variant.