For the security of all packages shipped by FFT, we use the USPS Priority 2-3 Day with Signature Confirmation.

We do not waive the signature under any circumstances.

The first step in our shipping your package is that a label is created.  When a label is created, a tracking number is issued, and an automated email is sent to you with the tracking number in it.  That tracking number becomes operable once they scan it into the system at the post office.  It is common for two or three days to pass between the time the label is created (and tracking sent to customer) and the moment it begins to track in the USPS system.

Any information about your shipment and the tracking (or lack of tracking) is best obtained by the USPS, as we have no access to any more information than you have access to while the package is on its way to you.

The USPS will only attempt ONE delivery to your shipping address under any circumstances.  After the one attempt you MUST pick it up at the post office that services your shipping address.  You will only need the tracking number and your ID to pick up the package at that point.

Two fairly common complaints with the USPS is 'they didn't knock' or 'they didn't leave a slip telling me they were here.'  These are complaints to take to the USPS, not to FFT.  That's a problem between you and the local USPS that serves your address - we can't do anything for you regarding those concerns.

DO NOT BE FOOLED:  The slip they leave upon an attempted delivery has a box to check that says "Redeliver" - THEY WILL NOT REDELIVER, AT ALL - picking it up at the post office is your only alternative to signing upon the first attempt at delivery.

IMPORTANT:  Once an attempted delivery has been made, you have 14 days to pick the package up at the post office before they send it back to us.  

If a package is sent back to us due to not being picked up, it could take as long as 3 months to work its way to us - if this happens we will not send a second box, issue a refund, or take any other action.  Any loss or damage to the package and/or its contents if it is returned in our direction is assigned to the buyer as it was the buyer's responsibility to 1) sign for the package when it was initially delivered and 2) pick it up at the post office within the two week timeframe.

Additionally, once we receive the package back, we will reship it upon buyer paying to cover the reship.

Fortunately, the above scenarios above are few and far between but it does happen from time to time.