Ubran ERT Sling Kit for Tactical Shotgunners - Coyote

$ 73.45

At Freedom Fighter Tacticals specific request, Urban E.R.T. put together the ideal sling kit for Benelli M4 enthusiasts. Available in black or coyote, the Urban E.R.T. kit for the Benelli M4 includes the Enhanced E-Rush Sling, as well as several adapters. As for the sling, it can be utilized in a one or two-point configuration with the MASH Clip without having to reconfigure the sling.

As for the adapters, the first is the MASH Clip with elastic silencer (Part 0-02) to connect to the Benelli front sling bar. The second adapter is the Universal Positive Retention WRAP (Part 0-30), which is a Velcro strap that wraps tightly around the small of the stock just behind the pistol grip, allowing the sling-to-weapon attachment to be located farther forward than just at the sling bar imbedded in the stock, allowing for better one and two point use, and the Ambi-Ring Assembly (Part 0-25) to allow easy configuration for a dedicated one-point. The third adapter is the Weapons Catch Adapter (Part 0-16), which is used only when the sling is configured in a one-point sling, allowing the operator to secure the front of the weapon to their offhand side when the sling is configured into a dedicated one point.

Available in Black and Coyote.

Made in the U.S.A.

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