The Freedom Fighter Tactical 3/4 Inch Diameter Finished Titanium Tactical Charging Handle for Benelli M4 Shotgun

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Replacing the factory bolt handle on the Benelli M4 is a must for any serious M4 enthusiast. FFT offers the M4 shotgunner both a 1/2 and a 3/4 inch Titanium charging handle in both finished and BRILLIANT variations (make sure you add the proper version to your cart).

FFT's Titanium charging handle is manufactured with the finest Titanium with a tensile strength of 130,000 P.S.I. with a hardness of C36 on the Rockwell scale, and an amazingly low weight of 10 grams.

The FFT Titanium charging handle has a beautiful rugged knurling around the outside of the handle, with three smooth rings that enhance the grip. While charging handles do not help the Benelli enthusiast with 922(r) compliance, all handles are stamped Made in USA, but unlike the 3/4 inch handle, the 1/2 inch handle is not stamped Titanium due to a limited amount of surface area to work with.

As stated above, all FFT Titanium charging handles are offered in both the finished version that beautifully matches the firearm, or a more radical brilliant Titanium version for those wishing to be a little different.

The FFT Titanium charging handle is properly made to fit for the Benelli M4 shotgun - and is not compatible with the Benelli M1, M2, or M3 shotguns.

Finally, the Titanium charging handles made by FFT are not the same as the ñspinnerî models that are oftentimes offered in the marketplace for the Benelli M4. Instead, FFTs charging handles properly lock into place just as the original factory Benelli M4 bolt handle.

The finished Titanium charging handle goes great with any of the finished Titanium magazine tubes, the FFT 922(r) compliant tactical forend, and any the FFT 922(r) compliant followers. Of course, all of FFTs parts may be mixed and matched to your liking.

For additional questions and answers about 922(r) compliance, please review FFTs page addressing this law.

For Benelli M4 (models 11707, 11717, and 1014)

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