The Freedom Fighter Tactical Forend Washers for the Stoeger 3000

$ 29.99

Do you suffer with a loose-fitting forend? There's a strong possibility that one or more washers in your forend are missing. Freedom Fighter Tactical offers it's own pack of 4 replacement rail washers, made specifically to FFT specifications. Available only in a set, you may need all of these washers to regain a tight fit of your forend, or you may only need one or two washers, or even the entire set. No matter, we've got you covered with high-quality premium replacement washers at an affordable price.

This kit consists of two standard washers, a fitted washer, and a spring-loaded washer. All, or a combination thereof, may be just what you need for a proper forend fit. Offered for compatible shotguns, which include:

Benelli M1

Benelli M2

Benelli Super Black Eagle

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

Stoeger 3000

Franchi Intensity

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