The Freedom Fighter Tactical 922(r) Compliant 5-Round BRILLIANT Titanium Magazine Tube for New Jersey and Massachusetts Compliance and Short-Barreled Shotguns (SBS)

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For the serious Benelli M4 enthusiast that lives or shoots in New Jersey or Massachusetts, or who has an SBS and requires a 5 round magazine tube, FFT offers the brilliant 5-round Titanium magazine tube. The FFT brilliant 5-round Titanium magazine tubes are manufactured with one-piece construction for strength and durability. The tube is designed to either work with the "limiter" that Benelli installs on every civilian M4 tactical shotgun, or, in the case of installing it on an SBS shotgun, the magazine tube installs perfectly. Adding this magazine tube does not change the magazine capacity on your Benelli M4 from a 5+1 capacity (5 shells in the magazine, one in the receiver).æ This magazine tube is offered to allow those living in states that prohibit 7-round capacity to have the option of upgrading their steel tube to a more desirable Titanium tube, or, as stated above, for the person with an SBS to have a Titanium tube that compliments the firearm better than the original steel tube.

Every 5-round Titanium magazine tube manufactured by FFT is stamped "Made in USA." In addition, the Titanium magazine tubes are also stamped "Titanium."æ For purposes of 922(r) compliance under Federal law when using the collapsible stock, the FFT 5-round Titanium magazine tube does count as a replacement part, as it is manufactured in the United States.

The 5-round Titanium magazine tube is made with the finest Titanium that boasts a tensile strength of 130,000 P.S.I. and a hardness of C36 on the Rockwell scale. Furthermore, the Titanium magazine tube weighs in at almost exactly half of the original steel magazine tube.

The 5-round Titanium magazine tube goes great with either of the Titanium tactical charging handles and other FFT accessories.

Note that this tube is not compatible with the Benelli M1, M2, or M3 shotgun.

NJ, MA CUSTOMERS: Possessing magazine tubes that are designed to increase the capacity of a semi-automatic shotgun in the states of New Jersey and Massachusetts, is a violation of law, and FFT will not ship any magazine tubes to these two states under any circumstances.æ As such, these 5-round magazine tubes are made with you in mind.

For Benelli M4 (models 11707, 11717, and 1014)

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