The Freedom Fighter Tactical 3-Round Aluminum Magazine Extension Tube for Benelli M2 Shotgun

$ 109.99


Any shotgun enthusiast who has purchased a Benelli M1 or Benelli M2 shotgun complete with OEM parts knows that their shotgun came from the factory with a 5+1 capacity. The magazine tube design on these guns is a two-piece design, with one four-round aluminum magazine tube extending from the receiver to the forend cap with a swivel, and a one-round magazine tube extending past the forend cap and finished off with a round, loose-fitting magazine spring retainer held in place by the spring and tube.

The Freedom Fighter Tactical 3-Round Aluminum Magazine Extension Tube utilizes the exact same design as intended by Benelli, only with a 3-round capacity rather than a 1-round capacity, giving the operator an additional 2 round, making the system complete with a 7+1 capacity. Included with this magazine tube option is a brand new FFT manufactured magazine spring retainer.

Our magazine tube is manufactured with high-quality aluminum and finish to give the serious M1 or M2 operator an affordable option to instantly increase shotgun capacity by two rounds. This tube does not extend past the barrel, rather, it is just slightly shorter than the barrel itself.

Manufactured in the U.S. and ready to ship today.

The Benelli M1 and M2 only need two additional parts to comply with 922(r), however, this magazine extension tube DOES NOT count towards 922(r) compliance. The Benelli M1 and Benelli M2 shotguns only need 2 additional US made parts to bring it into compliance with federal law, and parts for these two shotguns offered by FFT that satisfy 922(r) include any of the three trigger parts (hammer, trigger, disconnector), the FFT follower, the FFT forend for either the M1 or M2, and any of the Mesa Tactical stocks manufactured specifically for the M1 or M2. Note that the M1 and M2 forends are not interchangeable with these two shotguns.

FFT cannot ship this extension tube to New Jersey or to Massachusetts.

Freedom Fighter Tactical: 922(r) Compliance with the Benelli M1 and M2 Tactical Shotguns 


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