The Freedom Fighter Tactical Finished Titanium Full-Length Magazine Tube for the Benelli M4 Shotgun

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For the serious Benelli M4 enthusiast, FFT offers the full length replacement magazine tube in finished Titanium. The FFT finished Titanium magazine tubes are manufactured with one-piece construction for strength and durability. The full length finished magazine tube is designed to replace the original magazine tube and "limiter" that Benelli installs on every civilian M4 tactical shotgun. Adding this magazine tube changes the magazine capacity on your Benelli M4 from a 5+1 capacity (5 shells in the magazine, one in the receiver) to a 7+1 capacity (7 shells in the magazine, one in the receiver).

The finish FFT uses on the full length Titanium magazine tube is not a painted finished, and instead is a permanent process that is not susceptible to damage in the field with chips and scratches, such as may occur with a painted finish.

All full length finished Titanium magazine tubes are made in the United States, and are therefore compliant with 922(r). For good measure, every magazine tube manufactured by FFT is stamped "Made in USA." In addition, the Titanium magazine tubes are also stamped "Titanium."

The full length finished Titanium magazine tube is made with the finest Titanium that boasts a tensile strength of 130,000 P.S.I. and a hardness of C36 on the Rockwell scale. Furthermore, the Titanium magazine tube weighs in at 152.68 grams, which is considerably less than most all other aftermarket extensions in the marketplace today. To compare, the factory magazine tube and limiter provided on a stock Benelli M4 weighs in at 297.97 grams. Our full length finished Titanium magazine tube is just barely more than half the weight of the original parts!

To achieve 922(r) compliance on your Benelli M4 shotgun, FFT has solved this for you. Simply choose three of any of the following parts to achieve compliance when using the standard stock (four if using the collapsable stock): FFT follower, FFT forend, FFT disconnector, FFT trigger, FFT hammer, any Mesa Tactical Urbino stock. For additional questions and answers about 922(r), please review FFTs page on 922(r).

The full length finished Titanium magazine tube goes great with either of the Titanium tactical charging handles.

Note that the full length finished Titanium magazine tube is not compatible with the Benelli M1, M2, or M3 shotgun.

NJ, MA CUSTOMERS: Possessing magazine tubes that are designed to increase the capacity of a semi-automatic shotgun in the states of New Jersey, and Massachusetts, is a violation of state law, and FFT will not ship any 7-round magazine tubes or 2-round extension tubes to these two states under any circumstances. For customers in these states, FFT offers a 5-round Titanium magazine tube, allowing such customers the option of lightening up their firearm while complying with state law. Also, the 5-round Titanium magazine tube assists with 922(r) compliance.

For Benelli M4 (models 11707, 11717, and 1014)

Increase Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun Magazine Capacity and Maintain 922(r) Compliance 


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