The Freedom Fighter Tactical 922(r) Compliant Forend for the Benelli M4 Shotgun - BLACK

$ 69.99


The FFT 922(r) compliant forend is basically the Benelli design made in the United States, the purpose of which is to assist us with 922(r) compliance or to offer an option if your original part is somehow ruined or damaged. This part is made with a high grade glass-filled nylon (a superior grade to the stock nylon) and represents fine American craftsmanship at an affordable price. Although it is not required by the ATF, both grips are identified on the interior as ñMade in USAî so no question exists as to their origin of manufacture.

To achieve 922(r) compliance on your Benelli M4 shotgun when using the factory stock or other aftermarket American-made stock, simply purchase one follower along with one FFT full length magazine tube in either Titanium or steel, along with the FFT 922(r) compliant tactical forend. For additional questions and answers about 922(r) compliance, please review FFTs page on 922(r).

The FFT 922(r) compliant forends come in three colors: black, coyote, and OD green. The coyote and the OD green beautifully match the Mesa Tactical Urbino in coyote or OD green.

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