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The FFT 922(r) Compliant Forends – Update 1/5/11

Here is a picture we took of the first batch of forends that came out. For fun, we tested the first run with a high grade glass-filled nylon. We are not going to use this material in our final run for various reasons, but we thought we’d share the picture anyway. The flash really brings out the texture and coloring of the material, making the forends look like they are a cloudy-yellow color. That’s just the flash, but they do have a cloudy-dark grey/black coloring. Note that the barrel even takes on a gold or yellow hue. But again, we are not using this material, we just sampled it for consideration.

The FFT 922(r) Compliant Forend - Spec forends

Just in case you were wondering why the Benelli used in this picture does not have magazine modifications, or any other modifications – this is one of our stock guns for R & D purposes – we don’t play with this one in the field…

- The FFT Guys